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{shabby chic}

September 28, 2010

Ok! so when I thought about putting a post together for today, I was thinking of my latest crave ~ slouchy/oversized open-knit sweaters. Especially paired with cut-off frayed shorts or denim leggings but the thought of that with the blazing heat (100+) we’re having I thought I’d postpone…and focus on my room I’m re-doing. Don’t worry I will post that once it actually gets to more cooler temps here in LA.

On to my room…I got the bug after watching multiple episodes of HGTV the past 2 weekends of wanting to give my room a make-over. My colors are gray, black and white with pink accent here and there. See below of all findings…you like so far?

bedroom post

1. Sequin Pillow 2. Vintage 3. Unknown 4. Magazine Rack 5. Candle Holder 6. Knitted Ottoman 7. Paper Tray 8. File Folders (@ Staple Stores) 9. Serving Trays 10. Love Pillows 11. Shabby Chic lamp


with love and style!


{fresh and easy}

September 23, 2010


with love and style!

{madewell 1937}

September 9, 2010

I’ll always have a love for accessories, partly because it was one of the departments I handled when I first got into the fashion industry. I had an abundant of accessories/jewelry at arms reach – literally! And to this day I never go without wearing at least earrings, even if its to go to the grocery store. I know, funny but true! Here are some of my favorite things at Madewell right now.
1. Knotted Chain necklace 2. Jumbled Jewelbox necklace 3. Folklore necklace 4. Bow cuff 5. Leather bracelet 6. Mixed Metal bangles

with love and style!

{fall fashion}

September 3, 2010


The fall magazines have been pouring into our office (Vogue, Elle, InStyle, ok you get the idea) & with being busy I haven’t had the chance to sit at my desk to look through. Well I took some home and this past Sunday afternoon I sat in my quiet apartment listening to the LA jazz station, browsing new and old blogs, going through endless magazines and jotting down what I have to have. Sounds as if I haven’t been shopping in months – HA! Nonetheless, I compiled a list and I think it’ll be great to be reminded and keep me focused when shopping.

fall fashion

{lusting over}

August 31, 2010

I am patiently waiting for these shoes to arrive at my doorstep. I have pre-ordered them here.



July 15, 2010


I’m headed to Miami this weekend (for work none the less) but it’ll be my first time. I’ve heard so much about about how much I’m going to love it. I’m already excited about the organic Italian restaurant we are going to for our company dinner then of course the shopping, walking on the beach and R&R at night…last but not least, to finally add this destination to the rotation.
I’ll be sure to share a few photos with my new accessories that I recently purchased for my camera.

{hello friends!}

July 8, 2010

Hello Friends,

I was previously at Fashion What’s Not to Love! {dot} blogspot {dot} com. But after much consideration I joined wordpress and revamped my direction and focus on what this blog will be. I truly hope you enjoy as you continue on this journey with me on my life. my style and my inspiration. Please visit often, I have lots to share 🙂

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